Our Winter 2018 Class Schedule


Our Winter 2018 Class Schedule

Below is our class schedule for the Winter. Enrollment for members will open up on 12/22/17.  Non-Member enrollment begins on 12/24/17.  Enrollment period ends on 1/5/18

If you are not a member and would like to register for a class, the fee is $50/child.  Membership for the year is only $60/family and then each class for a member is $20/child.  See what membership means and find the membership registration form here.

ENROLLMENT For Non-Members is open! Follow this link to enroll your children.  You will need to fill the form out once for each child and pay at the submission of each form via PayPal.


Schedule overview

Note that we also have access to the playground between Noon and 4pm.


Room A

Room B





TBD Rock History (11+)


Road Trip! U.S. Geography (9+) Celebrations of the World (4-9)


Lunch Members Choice Stage Combat (9+)

1 pm

Robin Hood Acting Class (6-9)

2 pm



Period 1: 9am to 10am


No class scheduled.


No class scheduled.

Period 2: 10am to 11am


No class scheduled.

Rock History, Book 1: Birth of Rock (11+)

Let’s study Rock and Roll! We will learn about the birth of Rock and Roll within its historical context starting with the blues and hopefully getting to rock-turns-to-pop by the end of the session. We will study Rock and Roll as a sound culture, a visual culture, a performance culture, as literary form, and learn about the industry and technology. This class will be dynamic with very little lecture. Students will have the opportunity to consider the information before them and discuss their opinions. We will listen to and analyze Rock music in order to empower ourselves to become more critical listeners and thinkers.

Our session will start with learning how to study Rock and Roll, then we will begin in the 20’s with Country Blues following the historical progression through Electric Blues, the 40’s transition, Elvis, Doo Wop, the pioneers of rock, the birth of Soul, the DJs of rock, and finally Pop.

This class will be based off of lesson plans from TeachRock.org. TeachRock is rooted in a teaching philosophy that believes students learn best when they truly connect with the material to which they’re introduced. Their teaching philosophy is student-centered, media-based, and interdisciplinary.

If NLLC allows it and no one has scheduled a class in the timeslot before our class, I would like to consider having this be a 90-minute class that would start at 9:30. If you want to take this class but want it to be an hour, please let me know; I’d rather have the class run at one hour than not run at all.

For ages 11+ (interested 10-year olds should contact the leader for permission prior to enrolling). Students must be willing to engage with their classmates in discussion as well as work in small groups (self-selected and pre-assigned). Students must be prepared for some written work in class. If writing is difficult, please let me know and I will find a way to help or modify. There will be some work in-between classes, but this should be optional unless we need a lesson to cover two classes. Rock music can often deal with mature situations, please consider how your child will respond to these situations before signing them up for the class. I will do my best to advise parents ahead of time if we are working on a lesson with mature content. Please come to class on time as we have a lot to cover and only 50-minutes. Please bring a writing utensil to each class.

Additional materials fee of $5 per student for copying. Maximum 12 students.

This class is being offered by Aubrie Entwood.


Period 3: 11am to Noon

Road Trip! U.S. Geography and Culture (9+)

Join us for a wild & fun adventure across the United States, getting to know the geography & culture of our country. Each week, we will explore different states on this simulated journey, find them on the map, travel across the land, meet the people and experience the special cultural flavor of various areas.

This session, we will go alligator tracking in Florida’s Everglades, rescue Sea turtles in South Carolina and go by mule to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, among many other adventures.

Some light map skills will be involved. Students will be expected to write a short (1-3 paragraph) journal entry about their trip each week, which will be read to jumpstart each class.

For ages 9 & up; those who can focus non-disruptively and who can write a brief journal entry.

Bring folder, writing utensil, and paper. Maximum of 10 students.

This class is being offered by Troye Platt.

Celebrations from Around the World (4-9)

We will join in celebrations as they are celebrated in locations around the world. Each week we can bring snacks or food to help us set the mood. This class will be fairly casual. We will either play games, act out portions of the celebration, or whatever will help us get a feeling for the culture and festival.

Some celebrations we might touch on are:
Jan 5th 12th night
Jan 14th Pongal
Jan 15th – Martin Luther king jr day
Jan 30th – Up Helly Aa
Jan 30th – Tu B’Shevat jewish arbor day
Feb 9th – Carnaval de rio or Venice
Feb 13th – pancake day shrove tuesday
Feb 16th lunar new year and losar
Feb 23rd – Lantern Festival — Pingxi, Taiwan
March 1st Purim
March 13th Holi
march 20th – Naw Ruz Iranian new year

This class is a group effort. 🙂
I will send requests for what we might want at our celebration earlier in the week.
The goal – have fun and get colorful

This class will appeal to kids ages 4-9. Maximum 12 students.

This class is being offered by Liz Stewart


Period 4: Noon to 1 pm


During this period, Room A is reserved for eating.  This room contains a sink and may also have a microwave.  No food trash may be left behind, so consider this carry-in, carry-out.

Members’ Choice

During this period, Room B is reserved members to use in a collaborative way.  Feel like playing games? Bring them with you and play with others who are interested.  Really into beading? Bring that along and teach your friends!  No one may use this room/period for their exclusive use and there may be several different activities going on at the same time.

Stage Combat (9+)

Theatrical combat is about telling stories. Story-telling is not only a natural part of children’s lives, but an important part of mental development, and stage combat is the art of telling (highly physical) stories through motion, a hybrid of multiple martial and performance arts. The core of our martial techniques are drawn from historical swordplay, Eastern and Western unarmed martial arts, and Olympic-style fencing. We draw on aspects of mime, gymnastics and dance to help us express these stories through our bodies. No experience necessary other than a desire to learn swordplay in a safe, non-competitive environment. Classes consist of dynamic warm-ups, footwork, and sword exercises that progress at the level of the student. Beginners welcome.

Students ages 9 and up only. Participants must arrive on time — children who miss stretching and warmup at the beginning of class will not be allowed to participate in that week’s class.

Additional instructor fee due at first class meeting ranges from $66.67 to $33.33 per student depending on enrollment. (Six kids = $66.67 per kid; ten kids = $40 per kid; 12 kids = $33.33 per kid). Maximum 11 students.

This class is being offered by Kristie Snyder and is taught by Jacob Lehman and Jennifer Wholey. Jacob Lehman has 17 years of stage combat experience for stage and film, and founded Ring of Steel: Ithaca, a stage combat and theatrical stunt troupe at Cornell University in 2003. He has trained in numerous martial arts as well, including Aikido, Kung fu, and Tai chi. Jennifer Wholey Lehman has been fighting him (safely) for almost a decade, and together they have choreographed and trained performers at Cornell, Ithaca College, in Chicago and New York. Their work was most recently seen in the summer Ithaca Shakespeare Company performance of Richard III.

Period 5: 1pm to 2pm

Robin Hood Acting Class for Littles (6-9)

In this class we will help the kids to practice and perform Robin Hood (based on the Disney cartoon). We will also start off every class with an acting game!

This class will be for ages six through nine. They should be able to memorize simple lines.  Maximum 13 students.

This class is being offered by several of our youth: Allyson, Emily, and Nora.


Period 6: 2pm to 3pm


No class scheduled.